1. Everything that's beautiful Joe Ramsay 3:56
  2. The Heart of All I Care About Joe Ramsay 3:26
  3. Sweet Communion Joe Ramsay 4:25
  4. Tabitha Joe Ramsay 3:31
  5. Where is Love Joe Ramsay 4:05

Where is Love CCLI #7066174
Tabitha CCLI #7066172

Originals for Progressive Christian Congregations

© 2023 Joe Ramsay and Associates


You can download these audio files to learn these songs to use in your church worship services.

  1. Come Spirit Come Joe Ramsay 2:42
  2. Jesus I Give You My Heart and My Soul Joe Ramsay 3:15
  3. The Story Joe Ramsay 4:01

Songs for progressive Christian congregations will be published and available for download at the Convergence Music Project

Come Spirit Come CCLI#7066170
Jesus I Give You My Heart and My Soul CCLI #7066171
The Story CCLI #7066173


  1. Come to Me (Vocals: Mark Arnill) Composers: Joe Ramsay and Mark Arnill 3:16
  2. Pillar of Fire (Vocals: Wanda Stride) Composer: Wanda Stride (Arranger/producer: Joe Ramsay)) 3:01
  3. Do We Dare (Vocals: Wanda Stride and Joe Ramsay) Composer: Wanda Stride 2:47
  4. Temple of Life (featuring Avril Lavigne) Composed and produced by Stephen Bruce Medd Music 4:30
  5. Where We Begin ( featuring Stephanie Trott) Composed and produced by Stephen Bruce Medd Music 3:22

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Lead Sheets

You can download these lead sheets for some of my recordings. Licensed for use through Christian Copyright Licensing Inc.

Jesus I Give You My Heart  (CCLI #7066171)

Come Spirit Come  (CCLI #7066170)